do it with your dying will.
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"It's not because it is my pride that I will not give it up. It's because I cannot give it up, that's why it is my pride."

"My pride is you."

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((since 11.02.13))
Hi there! I'm not sure if its considered a request but could you make a tutorial on how you edit mangacaps because I would like to learn to !
- Anonymous

sure i’ll make a quick one, making mangacaps is really easy you’ll learn it quickly!! i don’t even bother using photoshop to do it haha

tutorial under the cut, only minimal ps knowledge required!

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20 icons of chrome dokuro

4/? of khr icon sets - 100x100px, free for use
for anon!

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irrelevant but its 2am and

enma with a recorder is very important

I was wondering if I could put in a request for Chrome icons? If you don't want to that's completely fine I just figured I might as well as. Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day! I really love your blog.
- Anonymous

ooh yes! i was going to make some anyway as part of my icons project so i guess i’ll just pull it up in the order a bit <3